What's up?

00-04-22  Website frozen
After 5 months of inactivity concerning this site, I finally made the decision to freeze it in the state it is in right now. This means that it'll still be available (at least until I change my provider or run out of webspace which is unlikely) but I won't update it anymore. For more information about my reasons, check out the final editorial.
99-11-22  Nick Baynes shows up again
If you have anything that should be addressed in the next PC patch for Re-Volt, you should head over to the forum and tell Nick Baynes about it! The project manager for Re-Volt just posted the latest news on the Dreamcast version and asks everyone to make their suggestions concerning the new patch.
99-11-21  Spaceman throws out textures!
Don't ask me why, but I decided to make a boatload of my homemade textures public domain. Perhaps I'm just in a good mood (and yes, I've seen my girlfriend today :)), but however, here we go:

56 (!) seamless textures, already cut into the pieces that Re-Volt uses in the track editor. Straights, pipes, x-roads, walls... everything you always wanted for free! So don't wait any longer and download the whole package now!

99-11-21  Update at RVExtreme
Gibbler is back on the scene with a major update of his Re-Volt Extreme Editing site. So if you're still unsure which object is useful for your track or which texture file an instance will use, head over there and let him show you!
99-11-20  Major update for Akira Extreme
Since I've been able to fix some bugs (thx to BurnRubr for his postings), I overworked the track and decided to release an update. Improvements are:
  • Shortcut reset bug fixed (car will not be reset when stopping offroad)
  • AI enhanced (will now take shortcut occasionally)
  • Triggers inserted (guide arrows to show the way)

If you already downloaded the full track, you can update your version with the Akira Update (14kb). If not, you can also download the full and updated version. The full version includes the skymap now.

99-11-19  Akira Extreme earns hails and praises
If I couldn't convince you yet of downloading "Akira Extreme", maybe the votes at RHQ will help you change your mind :) It's now also featured in my tracks section with screenshots and detailled information.

I'm currently fixing the bugs with the AI and position nodes and will hopefully update the track in the next days. I'll also try to insert triggers, which means that the arrows of the original tracks will guide you the way! If the new improvements will be stored in their single files (not confirmed yet), I'll make them available for download here (so you don't have to download the whole track again).

99-11-18  Back on the frontline - with Akira Extreme!
I've been away for a couple of days for various reasons: university stuff, pleasing the girlfriend and some more sleep. But now I'm back and I didn't dare to come with empty hands: you can now download Akira Extreme from this website!

It features a boatload of never seen stuff: enhanced AI, shortcuts, instances, tricky rewards etc. It once again uses the original Akira skymap. So if you haven't downloaded it yet, do it NOW!

It isn't featured in the tracks section yet but I'll put it there as soon as I made some neat screenshots.

99-11-13  Gibbler hands out more
Gibbler is away for the weekend but he didn't want the community to eagerly await his comeback, so he loaded up some more content onto his site.

Anyway, his key listing still lacks some information Partzman and I found out over the last 2 days. You can check my object keys post and my light keys post to get more info.

99-11-13  Photoshop section delayed
I've got to do a lot for university this weekend and played around too much with the ingame editor. So my Photoshop section will not be up this weekend. And as I don't want to promise anything, I'll leave the date open and say it might be sometime in the next week (hopefully). Check back here or in the Racerspoint Forum for the release date.
99-11-12  "Akira Enhanced" track in work
As I finally figured out how to insert objects in custom tracks (and make them stay there!), I'll begin to work on an enhanced version of my latest track, "Akira".

Credits to my man Partz, for without him I would still stumble around in darkness.

99-11-12  RV Extreme online
The long awaited website from Gibbler is finally online! Though it still has not the content you might be looking for, it'll be full worked out this evening (CET), as long as the dentist ain't too hard to Gibbler :)
99-11-11  Objects mystery revealed!
As Gibbler is still working on his tutorial, people around couldn't wait and started to investigate on their own. And - succeded! Check out Partzman's posting at the Racers Forum for enlightment. But here's what Gibbler says about it:

"I wouldnt recommend fiddling with things you dont know about - if you're unsure about editing, leave it till the tutorial's out."

I do agree with him so far. Don't screw up your directories when you're not quite sure what you're doing.

99-11-11  Zagadka gives his thoughts
Seems as I'm not the only one to care about good tracks :) In the current edition of the garage, RHQ features an article from Zagadka where he hands out his advice on track building, texturing and getting the things online. And as always, I do agree!
99-11-10  Gibbler releases test track
Well, here we go! The Re-Volt track editor has been risen to a new level as Gibbler releases his 1st track with embedded objects from the original tracks. It features things like dynamic lights, laser beams, water, beach balls, cones, ... (just too much to mention). It seems to run pretty stable and you can get it here.
99-11-10  News section online
Looks as if I finally get things going in here. As most of the tutorial is done (only some Photoshop advice missing), I'll decided to put up a news section in order to make the site interesting for more frequent visits.

However, I will not update the news section as often as the "real" fan sites for I will mainly post news that provide information on track building and texturing.