01-02-21Lazy me!

I know that I should've cared about this earlier, but the past months have been extremely busy (in fact I never worked so much before in my life), so this info comes in very late:

This site is dead!

But there are good news as well: the reason that this site is dead is my latest project on which I've been working from september on: Poke646. It is a Half-Life singleplayer mod which served as my diploma at university as well. The diploma is done since last wednesday and I now found some time to update all my websites (quite a few I had to find out!).

So this update will be the last one to this site, everything new happening with me and Half-Life can be found on Poke646. So don't hesitate and move your ass over there to find out what Poke646 is and what you can expect from this mod.

Long live Poke646!

00-09-08Link section online

I finally managed to get my ass up and browse my Half-Life bookmarks to set up a nice collection of valuable links. This will be the last update to the site for some time but be sure to check back every now and then to see what's up with my new big project (see below)!

00-09-08Lack of updates

You might have wondered why there ain't much happening around this site in the last days. Well, all I can say is that I haven't been lazy, in fact I'm extremely busy with a lot of Half-Life related stuff. I can't speak much of it right now, first I need some back checking with my profs which will happen in the end of september.

But what I can tell you is that you should expect a boatload of textures from me within the next month, along with some kickass skymaps and, last but not least, a full singleplayer episode in the end of february. To sum it up, all of this will be featured on a new flash-enhanced website.

First of all stay tuned to this site for information what will be going on and where.

00-09-07Big thumbs up again

Audion Industries got reviewed again, this time by Biohazard Maps. It scored 8/10 and... hm, what else should I say? Let Chronic speak for himself with a quote:

"I like this map. I like it quite a lot. This is the authors first Half-Life death match map, and a good one it is too. With loads of new custom made textures, and even some new skies to keep you interested. I have a feeling this map will make it into the top ten."

You can directly jump to the review here.

00-08-26New review

There's another review for Audion Industries over at HL-Mods. It received 4 out of 5 stars and is now "map of the month"! The webmaster must've been so excited about the map that he mixed up my author name (no, I'm not *RuffRyder* ) :)

00-08-22Website button

If you would like to link my site (contact me for a link exchange!) and want to do it with a nice little button, here's your thing:

Audion Industries

It's 6k in size and measures the standard button format (88 x 31). If you want to stream the button from my website, here's the source code you just need to copy and paste into your site:

<a href="http://www.spaceman.de/audion">
<img src="http://www.spaceman.de/audion/images/button.gif" border="0" alt="Audion Industries">

00-08-22Uh! Oh! Bugs!

A friend of mine encountered two minor bugs in Audion Industries which I don't want to hold back:
  • If you go for the long jump module in the house with the tank and don't jump from the pipe right onto the vent shaft where the LJ module is located but rather turn left, you can get stuck between the pipe and the vent. Doh!

  • The same happens when you try to duckjump onto the machine where the pipes are coming out in the first building and try to jump onto the "washing machine" (that's how my friend called it) to the right. You might get stuck behind a clipping brush and can't get out again.

Nothing too serious, I hope. I won't release an update just because of such minor issues - and after all: why should you want to get there anyway? Stay on the regular paths and you will be safe :)

00-08-21Audion Industries reviewed

Only some hours after I sent it off to the review sites, "Audion Industries" got its first review and boy am I pleased with it! Global Assault gave it a "9" (out of... um... 10?), here's the direct link to the review.

00-08-20Sneak Preview

I uploaded a mass of screenshots from another map project of me, "Reactor Complex". This project is in fact my very first attempt at map making and has been laid on ice since I got the company idea for "Audion Industries". So it's still unsure whether I'll finish the map or not and I'm in need of some help from you, so read the facts about it here.

00-08-19Content added

Things seem to start going in here. I uploaded my first map (read about and download it here) as well as a lot of screenshots from it. The link section is still missing but should be up in the next couple of days. And I'm still not sure what files will really be of great interest to you, so there's still some room left for suggestions.

00-08-18Welcome to Audion Industries!

Phew, after months of fiddling around with Worldcraft I finally managed to complete my very first map. To find out why I launched a website for it and what this "Audion Industries" thing is all about, read about it here.